About ‘The Udumbara Flower’

Considering then this human existence – hard is it to obtain;
It is like the blossoming of the udumbara.

Truly we come now to hear the Pure Land teaching so rare to encounter;
Truly we have encountered the opening of the dharma-gate of the nembutsu.

(Master Tz’u-min (680-748), Kyogyoshinsho by Shinran Shonin, CWS, p. 41)

Think on the Buddha’s virtue! Hearing the Buddha’s Name even once is rarer than encountering the udumbara in bloom; hence, I take refuge in and worship the great Dharma-king rarely met with.

(Master Genshin (942-1017), CWS, p. 52)

The most common sources used

Unless otherwise stated, quotations on this blog are from

  • The Collected Works of Shinran, Vol 1, The Writings, Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha (CWS)
  • Buddha Dharma, The Way to Enlightenment, Numata Centre for Translation and Research (BD), and
  • BDK English Tripitaka Series, BDK America (ETS)

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